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Do you like to splurge on Halloween? Is your house fully decorated for trick or treaters...and are you excited about wearing a costume? If you answered "yes" to those questions, you're certainly not alone. Halloween comes in 4th place (after Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter) when it comes to consumer spending.

Forbes recently broke down HALLOWEEN "by the numbers". Here are some of their findings...


1. 49% of marketers start HOLIDAY campaigns BEFORE Halloween. The most popular time is the first 15 days of November.

2. The average person will spend $73.03 on Halloween candy, decorations and costumes.

3. $2.08 BILLION will be spent on candy this year

4. 70% of you will buy candy AFTER Halloween...and 57% of you will buy decorations after the fact.

5. 65% of you will shop for a costume this year...spending around $66 for it.







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