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This country really loves it ALCOHOL. We've got the results here of a massive new survey on drinking in America.

According to PR Newswire, here are the TOP 10 FINDINGS:


1. The average American says they have 277 drinks per year, which averages out to about five a week.  But they ACTUALLY have 819 drinks a year, or almost 16 a week.

2. The four states that drink the most are Maine, Wyoming, Alaska, and Delaware.

3. The top three most popular drinks are beer, vodka, and red wine.

4. America's favorite beer is Blue Moon.  Sam Adams came in second, and Bud Light came in third.

5. The most popular cocktail for men is rum and coke...for women it's a margarita.  The most popular shot for men is a Jagerbomb...for women it's a lemon drop.

6. The three drinks that cause the worst hangovers are tequila, vodka, and red wine.

7. 50% of people have been hungover at work. The five jobs where people are most likely to work with a hangover are waiters, realtors, sales, cops, and chefs.

8. Women are 40% more likely to drunk dial an ex than men.

9. Men are three times more likely than women to try to cure a hangover by having sex.

10. The sports fans who drink the most are...GOLF fans. The rest of the top five drunkest sports fans are auto racing, hockey, baseball, and football.


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