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10 Things You Should Have in Your Home by the Time You're 30


There comes a point in our lives when we move out and get our own place. I bought my house when I was 27 years old. I didn't have a single piece of furniture to move in with. Although it was a daunting task, I had a lot of fun filling my home with things that best represented my style and taste. However, it turns out I still need to work on getting a couple of things.  

According to The Huffington Post, here are 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD HAVE IN YOUR HOME BY THE TIME YOU'RE 30:


1) A new couch. Not a futon or a hand-me-down.

2) Heirloom china. Dishes your Grandmother used.

3) Both a Crock-Pot and a Dutch oven. 

4) Dishes that aren't plastic.

CLICK HERE FOR #'s 5-10.


I still don't own a Dutch oven. I Don't need one. - Chilli


photo credit: Ani-Bee via photopin cc


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