Loo and Chilli


My husband, Don, and I will become first time parents any day now. I'm feeling so many different emotions. One second I'm terrified...the next second I'm excited. It's been like that for a few weeks.

As anxious as I am about becoming a Mom...I'm certain about one thing. Don is going to be an AMAZING Dad. I have NO DOUBT about that. One of the reasons I agreed to have a child is because of HIM. I knew his love and support would make the whole experience less "scary." Don deserves to be a Father. I hope our son inherits his Dad's kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity.

Just to prove my point as to the type of dedicated dad he's going to be...a few months ago, Don and I were talking about how our daily schedules and routines were going to change once the baby arrived. We were trying to figure out the logistics of childcare and other responsibilities. It's a conversation I'm sure MANY couples have.

He told me that he was going to stop playing hockey. Don plays ice hockey in a beer league YEAR-ROUND. His games are often around 11pm on weeknights. He's been doing it for over two decades because he LOVES playing. I learned a long time ago to accept the fact that hockey is his "mistress."

When he announced his "retirement", I tried to tell him that he didn't have to hang up his skates forever. He'd probably just need to take a season off to help with the baby. However, Don was convinced this was going to be his "farewell season." Well...he's certainly going out with a BANG. He had the BEST season of his LIFE.


Don (holding the trophy) with the rest of the CHAMPS.


This week...his hockey team became the LEAGUE CHAMPS! Don ended his "final" season with 13 goals and 12 assists (a "career" high). He said now there's NO WAY he could return to playing...because it was the perfect way to "go out."

I still hope he changes his mind when the baby gets a little older. But...no matter what...he'll always have incredible memories of this last seson on the ice. And...who knows? Maybe the next time he laces up those skates, he'll be teaching our son how to play. I sure hope so. :)


(photo courtesy of Chilli Amar)



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