Loo and Chilli


(credit: Getty)

Guys can be so adorably clueless sometimes. Ladies, do you ever notice that when a guy is trying to be alluring and sexy he usually fails miserably, but when he is just doing ordinary everyday things, without trying, he becomes totally sexy?

According to Buzzfeed, here are SEXY THINGS GUYS DO WITHOUT REALIZING IT:

  1. Rolling up the sleeves of your dress shirt. Something so sexy about it.
  2. The one hand scruff rub: It's not a full beard – just enough to look sexy. And then you rub your chin and scratch your neck with one hand and it's just straight up sexy!
  3. The double elbow lean: You're sitting in a chair being attentive and you put both elbows on your knees and lean forward with your hands clasped. Why is it hot? Who knows, but it is!
  4. Bracing against the door frame: OK, you are standing in a doorway and chatting casually, and you just put both hands up on the door frame – giving us a nice view of your chest and arms. So hot!
  5. Adjusting the tie: There's a reason every hot guy in a movie does this whenever he is wearing a tie – it's sexy!



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