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13 Halloween FACTS You NEVER Knew About

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Halloween is Thursday, and as we all get our costumes (and candy supplies) ready, you might be surprised about some of the little known facts The Business Insider has come up with about Halloween!

1. In Hollywood, there's a $1,000 FINE for using or selling Silly String! It's been banned since 2004 and is considered vandalizm if used.

2. The Halloween ritual of dressing up comes from the Celts.
They believed it was a way to scare off spirits and the paranormal.

3. The name "Halloween" comes from the Catholics.
Catholics celebrate Hallowmans, a three-day holiday where people honor and pray for recently deceased. 

4. Halloween is the second-most commercial holiday of the year.
Christmas is the first. The candy industry in America will bring in about $2 billion thanks to Halloween.



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