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I wouldn't consider myself a very fashion-forward person. I don't follow trends. I wish I had a personal stylist to do all the "thinking" for me when it comes to getting dressed. I envy people who can throw together a fabulous outfit in 30-seconds.

According to the Huffington Post, here are 9 FASHION RISKS TO TAKE BEFORE YOU DIE:

1. Spend a lot of money on something you love.

2. Wear a designer label.

3. Put on socks with sandals.

4. Try bold colored frames for your glasses.

5. Own a pair of thigh-high boots.

6. Wear heels that are so high you can barely keep your balance.

7. Wear a jumpsuit to a formal event.

8. Put on a shirt and tie.

9. Wear a dress with cut outs.

Sorry...but I'm not interested in #'s 3 or 9. I HAVE done #1, 2, and 6. What about YOU? - Chilli



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