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Are you a SINGLE mom? Check out these SPECIAL back-to-school rules!

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If you're a single mom, then check out what huffingtonpost.com is offering.  These are special rules that will hopefully make this back-to-school time a bit less stressful for YOU and your child:

1. Beware of the Married Moms. They could very well be thinking that you want to steal their husbands. You know you don't, but if they've never been a single mom themselves, they have no clue what you're juggling just to keep your household afloat, and the last thing on your mind is her man. In order to allay their fears create a physical and emotional distance from her guy. You can be courteous and friendly if you see
him, but no touchy feely. That means not even subconsciously reaching out to touch his arm in order to emphasize your point. To make the other moms feel further at ease, when you do engage in conversation, mention you are starting to date or that you've met someone interesting.

2. Get a Front Row Seat. When your kids are young it is inevitable that you will end up in the same room, auditorium or sports field as your ex. To make the viewing experience more enjoyable for you, sit in front of

him rather than behind. That way you don't have to watch his every move (particularly if he's with the new wife, girlfriend and/or significant other) Out of sight, out of mind!

3. Do Teacher Meetings Solo. Although teachers don't always like spending more time than necessary in parent/teacher meetings, you are entitled to request a conference independent of your ex. That way you

can focus on what you need to understand about how your child is doing in school, rather than how uncomfortable you feel around your former spouse.





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