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There's an impulse in this era to grab WHATEVER job is offered to you, because you never know if there will be ANOTHER one out there. However, sometimes you've got to take a gamble and fight that instinct.

According to Monster.com, here are 5 JOBS PEOPLE REGRET TAKING THE MOST AND WHY:

1. Cashier. The average salary is $18,600...and that's not enough money to deal with an endless stream of angry and impatient customers.

2. Mechanic. It's a great job if you have a passion for it...but otherwise, it's tough to stick it out.  The average salary is $36,100, the hours are long, and it requires nonstop training to get any good.

3. Middle school or high school teacher. Obviously teaching can be one of the most rewarding jobs...but if you just jump in because a $43,000 job was open and you don't love teaching, the stress and the difficulty could overwhelm you.

4. Delivery driver. The job is physically demanding, it pays an average of $31,600, and there's ZERO meaningfulness to it.

5. Bank teller. The average salary is $24,400 and it's not for everyone...you have to be good at customer service and very detail oriented. 


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