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The Biggest Post-Wedding Mistakes Newlyweds Make



Like most brides, I was so relieved the wedding was finally OVER. I didn't want to think about anything wedding-related for a long time. If you're about to get married (or know someone who is), please make sure they read this blog.

According to Bridal Guide, here are the 10 BIGGEST POST-WEDDING MISTAKES NEWLYWEDS MAKE:


1. Not sending "Thank-You" notes within 3-months of wedding.

2. Delaying the creation of a wedding album.

3. Not cleaning your wedding gown right away.

4. Stop socializing with friends and family.

5. Not posting reviews about your vendors online.

6. Not getting your rings insured.

7. Neglecting exercise.

8. Not getting extra copies of your marriage certificate.

9. Saving too many mementos.

10. Rushing into buying a house or having a baby.




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