Loo & Chilli

Loo & Chilli

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We've all been there. The two bags of Halloween candy that are leftover from your kid's trick-or-treating adventures are taunting you 2 weeks later. Here are some creative ways to get the candy out of your reach.

  1. Let your kids make a care package to send to grandparents.
  2. Donate it to military men & women serving overseas
  3. Take it to the office.
  4. Use it for your kid's birthday party pinata
  5. Save it to decorate gingerbread houses.
  6. Add chocolates to your coffee
  7. Turn it into homemade flavored vodka.
  8. Pair it with wine.

Click here for the full list!

Have you come up with any creative ways to get the leftover candy out of your house? 

Source: Parenting.com 


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